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In this tutorial I’ll be teaching you to design a search box, code it in HTML and then how to implement it into a Wordpress theme.

Step 1

One of the premium members suggested this tutorial. If you’d like to suggest a tutorial be sure to contact me :)

First off create a new document to house the search box (or add it to one of your existing designs). I’ve filled the background of mine with the colour #2e3033.

Step 2

Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool make a white rectangle with radius 10px and dimensions 200x40px. This will be where we enter our search terms. If you want help aligning the layers check out this tutorial.

Step 3

Using the text tool add in some dummy text. The font styling I’ve used is Arial, Bold, 15 pt, Sharp, #37393d.

Step 4

Now we’ll make a button for the search action. Using the same tool make a 80x40px rectangle.

Step 5

Apply this gradient overlay to the button layer.


Step 6

Add some text for the button. The font styling I’ve used here is Arial, Bold, 15 pt, Sharp, #ffffff with an outer glow of 30% #000000. I’ve also added another darker rectangle behind the search field and button and a radial gradient in the background. That’s the design part complete, now on to the design to html/Wordpress section.



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  1. Deren says:

    Thanks a lot, this will really help me for my next attempt at a site.

  2. Nskar says:

    plz i’m a junior
    what is the program that you use ?
    is it Photoshop ?

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